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FDN Lab Screenings

My goal as an FDN Practitioner and Board Certified Health Coach is to give you the tools necessary to learn how to become healthy for a lifetime. This means empowering you to take responsibility for your own health. Throughout our relationship together, my role will be that of educator and coach as we investigate hidden sources of chronic stress with functional lab work. If you’re committed to removing sources of chronic stress and restoring your body to normal function, please read on!


As a prior Medical Laboratory Scientist, I have advanced training in state of the art functional lab testing and nutritional interpretation. These include, but are certainly not limited to the following;

Hormone/Cortisol Screening

Stress and Hormones Profile (SHP) by Fluids IQ - $249

Liver/Detoxification Screening

FDN Metabolic Wellness Profile (MWP) by Fluids IQ - $164

Mucosal Barrier Screening

FDN Mucosal Barrier Assessment (MBA) by Fluids IQ - $164

Pathogen Screening

GI Map Stool Screening by DSL. Pricing Varies.

Food Sensitivity Screening

MRT Leap170 by Oxford BioMedical - $335


Metabolic Typing $139- $199

Additional Tests

Thyroid Panel

TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO, TgAB, Reverse T3

Blood Chemistry

CBC, CMP, Lipids, Iron, Vitamin D, HA1c, etc.

Dutch Test

Dried Urine Test Comprehensive Hormones

*Remember lab fees are separate from practitioner fees, and are paid directly to the lab! I do not handle insurance, but you are welcome to submit your bills for re-imbursement. For more on this, see FAQs.

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