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From Trauma To Triumph

Three years I thought my life was going to end ...again. I grew up in what seemed like a normal childhood, not knowing until I was well into my late thirties, early forties that it in fact was not.

I hid the pain as we were taught to not really talk about what happens within the family. I grew up, put on the mask and joined the Army.

It wasn’t until right before I retired from the Army that I really started to realize why I had become the person that I am. I started to sink into a deep depression and wondered where I went wrong and how I could have changed the things that brought me to this place.

It wasn’t until three years ago when I made a phone call that changed my life. I started to write down these feelings and started to realize that I was not the only one who felt lost in this world that I once thought I was making a difference in.

After years of not knowing who I was anymore, I decided that I needed to accept who I was even if it was someone living with a mental illness. I no longer could choose to be a victim and suffer from it. It had consumed me.

I knew that after a traumatic accident almost took my life as well as my daughter's, that God kept us here for a reason. That reason has now saved me. I am on a mission to help others choose to live instead of suffer from something that so many do not understand. To have mental health issues should not keep you from living as normal life as possible. It should not make you different.

I have chosen to help others and fight that stigma, overcome trauma and show them that they are not alone. It is ok to not be ok and I am here to help you through that.

Through my story telling, speaking, coaching and now hosting a podcast, I have created a safe space to help others share their story. I am here. I hear you and I see you.

The story of a Soldier, Retired Army Veteran, mother to two teenagers and Military Spouse dealing with life after the Army.

I share my story and talk about the daily struggles with family and personal issues (depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma). My goal is to inspire and motivate other men and women who struggle. My mission is to end the stigma of mental health, and stop suicide r I and let you know that you are NOT alone. 

Here is my story.   Let me help you tell yours.

Annette Whittenberger: A Wild Ride Called Life

Podcast: The Truths We Hide

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