Hit the Personal "Reset" Button

I needed a “personal reset.” So we picked up and spent a week out in Utah.

The result: I was able to spend some much-needed time focused on those four areas:

Mental Health and Mindfulness:

Gaining clarity on what’s important. Figure out how to do it for you . . . for me, its nature and the outdoors.

Physical Health and Wellness:

Gaining the emotional and mental strength as well as the physical function necessary to engage in the things that are important.


Connecting with the people who matter and make us better humans by challenging us and providing us with insight, perspective and accountability.

Resilience is about positive change.

Resilience is about leaning into reality, adversity or hardship and coming out better.

Resilience is about embracing the mindset that life happens for us . . . not to us.

Resilience is NOT about bouncing back . . . It’s about bouncing forward and reengaging life.

Spending time reflecting on our strengths, what gives us energy and the issues we really want to engage in will have a very energizing and positive impact on our personal resilience.

When you think about Mind, Body, Tribe and WHY . . . what is one thing you can do today to improve your personal resilience?

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