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Personal Finance | Start the Conversation - Even if just with yourself. Part 1 of 3

I have been on a dedicated personal finance mission since 2015 – that is when my 3rd company (the first two failed) started to make money. During the past 5 years there has been one major gap or unknown I’ve been trying to figure out. Why is personal finance not a greater topic of conversation? Or is it and I’m just missing something? - You can read part of my story here

I can only speak from personal experience; however I will say – Poor financial health bleeds into other aspects of your life and has a great impact on your physical health / mental wellbeing.

Far too often we talk about, well, everything! How was chest day in the gym, did you see the new this and that on Netflix, I got a new flat screen T.V., OMG can you believe what he/she just posted… and so on. When was the last time you had a conversation centered around your retirement account and its performance? Or maybe if a Roth IRA is right for you? Do you know the difference between a 401(K), IRA and Roth IRA? (P.S. none of this is rocket science).

So, Why don’t people talk about it? I’ve arrived at two simple conclusions.

A) It’s considered “taboo” – Kind of like a political discussion at your girlfriends parent’s house the first time she brings you home to meet mom and dad.

B) It’s too complicated. You may not know what questions to even ask or where to start.

Please take it from me – and I come from a place of love, kindness and a desire to see everybody achieve a high level of financial health – IT’S NOT TOO COMPLICATED AND IT’S NOT TABOO. Having said that I’m not asking you to share in-depth personal spending habits and the exact dollar and cents figure in your savings account. All I’m saying is take a personal financial audit of your life and get the conversation going – even if the conversation starts with an inner dialogue. Start asking questions.

Financial health is NO DOUBT a part of the equation that leads to overall physical and mental health. Please, start the conversation. In my follow on series I will explain what I did to get my financial health on track and what questions to ask.

David Johnson

Host of The David Johnson Show

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