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Snacky Snack Snacks!

Stuffed Avocado
Healthy Snacks!

It is so easy to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar from the gee dunk machine at work or pack up some goldfish for the kiddos. It's convenient and readily available, especially when we're on the run, but have you ever looked at the nutrition content of these snacks?

Most packaged products contain processed foods and an ungodly amount of sugar, neither which are good for us, and contain no real nutritional value. If you're looking for healthier alternatives, I've got you covered. I created a list to help you find better options. Next time you're caught with the munchies, consider these options:



You don't have to be overweight to want to be healthy, and being healthy doesn't require being on diet, but nutrition is everything. Consider these options if you just want to try to live a healthier lifestyle or even just to cut those pesky cravings. Only good things will come from eating healthy and nutritious options.

For healthy option recipes, click RECIPES.

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