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When Creativity is what keeps you going..

There is always something to say about life, it never stops moving along.

We spend hours of our days, years, and months striving to meet goals or deadlines that quickly come and go. Most of us have families, careers, higher education that demand a great bit of our time, but what about that creative spark in us all? The urge to create something? Our lives stay on- the- go and our brain sometimes cannot keep up with the demands. This is when your creative wellness can really become extremely important.

Cooking, crafting, building, or even casual photography are often outlets that we use to helps escape to another word, the world that thrives on "Creative Wellness". Here, we find balance to the chaos of everyday life and see things in different perspectives. There is no focus on politics, religious beliefs, gender, or world events. It is a simple place that we just let our hearts wander through the clouds and enjoy the process of taking something and creating.

Your creative wellness can be the one thing that heals your soul. This is an area of your life where no medicine, physical nutrient, or herb can reach. Expressing your creative talents in any form or outlet can leave with a sense of accomplishment. That rush of emotion when you are standing back looking at your "creation" can be the one thing that gets your week off to a better start. Our minds are designed to be curious and creative, we just don't always put it to good use because we are too busy doing other things.

So grab a pen and piece of paper, your mobile device, or even tell Siri to "write this down", today list some ways to start your creative flow. Set a day, hour, 30 minutes or even 10 minutes a week to allow your creative wellness to grow.

Cozy kitty image - photography
Photography of cozy cat.

I am Darrick and this is my creativity. So let us take a journey together and make something new every week!

Darrick Marchant

Veteran Program Administration Manager, Camp Southern Ground

Veteran Program Photographer and Lead Media Specialist, Camp Southern Ground

OKAMI Productions - Owner, Director of Photography and Videography.

Follow on Instagram:

@okamiproductions and @TheOtakuLens

#creativity #wellness #wellbeing #happyandhealthy

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