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Reason to Sponsor

So many reasons to sponsor an American Veteran Athlete


A Healthy Outlet

Empowering Veterans from struggle to success, “If the mind can conceive, “My” body can achieve”

There are several veteran organizations and events that bring veterans together to give them a sense of comradery after service. Many of which promote unhealthy habits - drinking alcohol, smoking, etc., but there are not enough that promote healthy habits. 

Nutrition and exercise is the most underrated form of anti-depressant , and an excellent way to build confidence, self-esteem and purpose. By supporting me in my journey, I can continue to educate and influence other veterans as a Veteran leader in health & fitness.

Please help me help other Veterans by supporting and sponsoring me to compete for my IFBB Pro Card so I can make a positive impact for the greater good.










Elite Sponsorship



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